Viruses & Spyware Removal Services

Virus Removal

Computer Security Coleraine If your computer, laptop or smart device is running slow or you are getting unwanted pop up notifications or your computer locks out then these are signs that malware (Malicious Software) may be present on your computer.

The best thing to do if you experience a virus infection is to have it checked as soon as possible. You should turn the device off until it has been "Cleaned". Contact Asimtek and we will be happy to call out to assess the infection and offer our repair plan.

Email Scams and Spam Sent From Your Email Address

Asimtek deal with all sorts of computer related scams and problems where victims computer have been "hacked". Thankfully we are available to assist should you be the victim of a scam or if you have simply been contacted by friends & family about spam being sent from your email address without your approval. We have many protection measures and software available to combat cyber criminals. It is vital that you remain protected online and if you are worried about your computer or laptop security we will be happy to assess it for your needs.

What Does Our Virus Removal Service Include?

Virus Removal ColeraineA Problem Diagnosis - We tell you what the type of malware is and where it may have come from and more importantly how we can protect your computer after virus removal.

Data Backup - Your computer will be isolated from the internet and an encrypted backup of your data will be created and reinstalled back onto your machine as soon as all of the viruses have been removed. Your computer will be left fully protected and you will not loose any documents.

Full Security Software - After all of the malicious software has been removed we will secure your computer with security software as part of the repair. This will protect you in future.